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The Mouvement International d’Aide à l’Enfance(International Movement for Childhood Support), is a French association under the 1901 law. It brings together 17 humanitarian associations fighting against child malnutrition, which is severely affecting several countries facing poverty.

Since 1984, we build and maintain  nutritional centers to provide at least once a day balanced meals to children. Through this, we aim to support their physical and intellectual development.

The main goal of the M.I.A.E is to help and support financially and morally their member associations to guarantee the sustainability of their actions, projects and diverse missions !

If you share our values, don’t hesitate to join us : we are always looking for new associations to accompany, volunteers, donations and institutions willing to support our projects !

“Beating the world’s hunger is not within our reach, but beating a child’s hunger is.”

Our projects

Association, sponsor or private individual,
your generosity is all we need !


« I had a wonderful experience in Madagascar thanks to the association, which allowed me to discover a culture very different from the one I know and meet beautiful people. As soon as I came to the Lycée Picot de Clorivière, I was given a very warm welcom by everyone… »

Maÿlis Bouchet

Volunteer in 2022 at the Picot de Clorivière High School, Esperanza association

Centre de La Cuesta 2 à Tegucigalpa au Honduras, association Tegucigalpa
Cantine scolaire de Ambinanindrano, Collège Saint Francisco Marto, Association Esperanza

« Thanks to you, the money has been coming in regularly every month for 27 years. Daniel, my son, does the market. Catalina and I pack the markets. And we deliver them to each family. In this month we are delivering 53 markets at 200,000 pesos (about 50 euros) each. For a total balance of 10,600,000 pesos. A family has an average of 3 children. And it’s a lot of work to organize everything. I think I did a good job with my children, teaching them also to have a spirit of service towards others. So we will continue to work with the children in the community. » 


Head of the “Maria Auxiliadora” centre in Medellin, Amiguitos Association

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