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Esperanza and Quebracho associations: creation of a school canteen in Bekopaka

Primary school N D de la Salette: state of play

The Congregation (of Italian origin) of the Sœurs du Sacré-Cœur de Raguse, was called in 2019 to take charge of this primary school in the deprived region of Bekopaka (in the west of Madagascar, access at least as difficult as for Ambinanindrano). 

The responsibility for the site is held by Sister Angèle, whom Esperanza knew previously when she was assigned to the Lycée Saint-Michel in Imady (of which Esperanza has been a partner since 2011). She is assisted by two other sisters: Thérèse and Victorine and 7 teachers. 

The school’s CEPE (Certificat d’Études Primaires Élémentaires, an elementary school certificate) results are currently mediocre and can be explained by the great precariousness of the families and the insufficient attendance of the pupils. 

We rally for the education and feeding of the children of Bekopaka

The support of Quebracho will allow the opening of a school canteen for the 175 pupils. Esperanza has noted in each of the school canteens a direct effect of the establishment of meals on the attendance of students, on their ability to pay sustained attention during classes and ultimately on their results (especially in the case of basic training leading to CEPE). 

The teachers and cooks will also benefit from the meals and the pupils will benefit from the spirulina cures, just like the children in schools supported by Esperanza. In addition, the deployment of the Income Generating Activities (IGA) programme in Bekopaka is planned to start in September 2022. 

Vincent, a young Esperanza volunteer in civic service, currently in Madagascar, will go to Bekopaka in June to meet with all the leaders, teachers and students and to make a complete analysis of the situation.

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