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Esperanza : Improving access to drinking water in Imito, Imady and Ambinanindrano

In our country, access to water has become commonplace; we only need to turn on our tap to obtain it at will, whereas in Madagascar, clean water is a rare and precious commodity, often forcing the population to devote a large part of their energy to obtaining it from distant sources. In three of our schools, water even ran out in 2021, as surface water tables were exhausted after several months of drought.

Despite the torrential rains that have fallen on the Big Island in recent weeks, the hazards of climate change lead us to take the lead and plan for better rainwater recovery and to strengthen the reservoirs intended to receive the water from the catchment area. A borehole will finally be considered in Imady. 

In Imito, Imady and Ambinanindrano, access to water is first and foremost geared towards pupils, religious and educational communities and patients in dispensaries (i.e. more than 2,500 direct beneficiaries), but also for the local population. A water resource management system will therefore be set up to ensure sustainable access to quality water resources. A budget of 45,000 euros is planned for this priority programme, part of which has already been covered by the BNP Paribas Foundation, which has been supporting us for several years.

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