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Esperanza : Construction of a new canteen in Ankandinondry-Sakai

It was in Ambohipeno, in the deprived suburbs of Antsirabé, that in 1996 the first core group of Esperanza Joie des Enfants members committed themselves to supporting a first nutritional center project managed by the congregation of the Sœurs Trinitaires of Valencia. Meals were prepared in the open air over a wood fire and the children ate in a basic room. In 2009, the Sœurs Trinitaires of Valencia asked us to accompany them to Tsiroanomandidy, west of Antananarivo. Initially a simple open-air dining area, the refectory building and its kitchen were built the following year. Since then, we have been providing financial support to these two centers, serving balanced meals to nearly 200 children every day. 

Today, the Sœurs Trinitaires of Valencia have asked us to accompany them in the construction of a third nutritional center for 80 children in Ankandinondry. We are putting ourselves in a position to find funding from major sponsors. Mr Olive’s team with BTF Construction is working with us on the plans and specifications. On the other hand, it is not planned that we take charge of the operating budget of the center’s canteen, which the Sœurs Trinitaires will provide.  

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