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Esperanza: EducMad digital course materials in 3 high schools

Our three high schools (Saint-Joseph in Imito, Picot de Clorivière in Antsongo and Saint-Michel in Imady) are now equipped with an electronic media library. The challenge for Esperanza Joie des Enfants is to promote the teaching of scientific subjects and to improve the results of the pupils at the baccalaureate for its three partner schools, following the example of the brilliant results obtained in Imito since the project was set up four years ago. 

The objective is that each student should have a minimum of 3 hours of weekly access to digital media and content, in order to benefit from pedagogical and didactic content in addition to the theoretical lessons given by the teachers. Access to the media library is of course free for users. On the other hand, the costs of installing the equipment and providing support by our partner ACCESMAD over the next five years are to be at the expense of our association. We remind you that we are always interested in computer donations, especially laptops (which can be sent when volunteers leave). If you have the opportunity to do so, either personally or through a company, please contact us!

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