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Myosotis: Educational vegetable gardens in Santuario, Colombia

Vegetable gardens to raise awareness, educate, enhance local heritage and consume better!

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The beginnings of the project

In 2019, the Myosotis association set up environmental awareness and healthy eating education workshops for children at the Santuario nutrition center. In the following two years, in partnership with Corpocam, it co-financed home vegetable gardens to ensure educational continuity, even in the midst of the pandemic.

New goals for 2022

These vegetable gardens open up new possibilities, and Myosotis has set its new objectives for the coming year!

Thanks to these gardens, Myosotis hopes to be able to promote fair trade and wishes to reward the work of mothers taking care of the gardens by paying them small allowances.

In addition, Myosotis will continue to monitor some of the vegetable gardens to ensure their sustainability, will strategically distribute the products among the plots and intends to ensure a link between Corpocam, the beneficiary families and potential buyers of baskets made from the vegetable gardens!

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