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News from the “El Refugio” centre in Medellin, Colombia

News from the El Refugio center in Medellin: it welcomes a dozen children whose parents have very difficult lives, with full boarding all week. It is run by Marina.

Extracts from messages sent by Marina

Thank you a thousand times over for your generosity towards the children of El Refugio. May God and the Blessed Virgin multiply their blessings to all the donors who do so much for us. 

We share with you that all the boys, girls and their families are in good health, which is a source of great joy for us. At the beginning of this year, half of the children entered the Refuge, we did the special covid test (we pay each one from here) to make sure that all of them were fine and not taking any risks. From there we connect them to the virtual classes. We organized an internet room and we managed to get everyone to have their own computer to connect to, which helped us a lot and with the others we also continue to support them in their schooling. Everyone is doing very well. During these months, the children have stayed here all the time, they don’t go home at weekends to avoid contagion. It has been a great experience to be together, to share and to learn. 

Because of the difficult situation of the pandemic, the economic situation of the families has become more difficult, many of them are without work and that’s why from here we try to accompany them with the payment of rent, services, food. Until the whole situation improves.  

Last year I told you about one of our dreams, which was to organize a healthy recreation area for the children, which we see as more and more necessary because they don’t go out at the weekend, so having this space would be an excellent help. We wanted to build a kiosk for outdoor activities and a playground, also to start planting new fruit trees and to be able to make ecological paths. Thanks to you, this dream has come true. Here are the photos. 

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