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Grandir Ensemble: our projects for 2022

Building of a retaining wall

Our project to build a retaining wall will start in March 2022. This project will be possible thanks to the partnership we have set up with the CFA TP (Centre de Formation des Apprentis en Travaux Publics) in Montpellier.

As part of their training, 15 students supervised by 10 teachers will come and work for several weeks. This retaining wall is essential for the safety of the children : the school was built on clay soil that is very unstable during rainy periods and some classrooms are particularly exposed.

Beautician training course

Jenny, a volunteer beautician, is going to start a training course to ensure that some young people have a professional future after their schooling. She will come in our Medellin center at the beginning of 2022.

Mechanics workshop

This will be a learning center for motorbike repair. In this way, in addition to those in La Barberia, new professional opportunities will be offered to young people following their studies. This project will start soon with the construction of an appropriate building on the site of La Cruz thanks to the donation of the Xamafra Foundation.

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